Working my way up the down escalator of the Israeli news photography scene.

I was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, moved to Israel in 1991 and after banging my head against the computer screen for many years, decided to give my dream of old a try.
First picture published Dec 13, 2007, so approaching the 2 year mark soon.
Currently working for the Haaretz daily. Based in Jerusalem, Israel.

Oh, by the way, the blog is named “Fighting the Light” because the light in this part of the world is pretty bad, so most of the time you feel like it is against you as a photographer. Not very positive thinking on my part, is it?

(I can’t find my contact info on this blog, even though I updated it several times, so I’ll just post it here – emil.salman@yahoo.co.uk; phone # 972506346743. Feel free to contact me)


4 comments on “About”

  1. what type of camera do you use to take you pictures?

  2. I remember when you left everything (or just a lot) to pursue the dream.
    It’s good to see you’re living it, even if it requires constant fighting.

  3. Hi Emil, my name is Adam I work for a London based production company called Vice. We are currently finishing a film about Israeli politics and would like to feature a photo of yours of Eli Yishai. I wanted to get in contact with you to see if you could give us your permission, would that be ok? Thanks, Adam

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