Hebron 2.0

At first I thought I’d put this picture up. But then I thought that it’s too straightforward, too banal, too stereotypical, too easily identifiable, and whatever its meaning, it might be too prone to usurpation by the collective conscience of people who have seen too many images of the conflict.

And I still think so, but now that it’s gotten some play on Facebook, I said what the hell. I’m not above catering to the crowd.

However, I think I should mention that, while they didn’t need to frisk the Palestinian right in front of other civilians in the middle of the street, and it does show a a callousness that is an inevitable byproduct of the situation, the soldiers were quite courteous.

Furthermore, another group of Jewish tourists was attacked by a home made Molotov bottle a 100 meters down the road from where this picture was taken, not 20 minutes later.

Like Gary Winograd said – “Photos have no narrative content. They only describe light on surface. “


2 comments on “Hebron 2.0”

  1. did you take the photo?

  2. Yes, of course! Just like all the other pictures I post in my blog.
    Why do you ask?

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